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Welcome to the world of STAR

This is our Merlin employee scheme to recognise when one of our team members has gone above and beyond to make a guest’s day extra special. Please use this short form to tell us who you would like to nominate, and why, and we will make sure that the Wizard (and their Manager) hear the great news!


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What is STAR?

STAR is the peer to peer recognition scheme that all team members have access to within Merlin Entertainments globally. Any team member can send a STAR to a colleague anywhere in the world, as a thank you or a recognition of going the extra mile. For 2017, we are excited to announce that our Passholder Wizards can also take the chance to recognise Merlin Wizards who make their day extra special.


What happens when I send my STAR?

Your STAR will be sent to our central HR Engagement Wizards and they will ensure it gets passed on to the relevant team member.

Does this include all staff?

Yes, any member of staff within Merlin can receive a STAR.


Do I receive anything?

Guests who send STARS do not receive anything in return, except a wonderful, warm, fuzzy feeling! We may also get in touch with you should we require any more information.

Who can I contact with questions?

Our Group Employee Engagement Wizard is available on email for questions: